In November 2013, the engineers and developers at PhaseSpace California, come into contact with a European group of art academics and some creatives to explore the drifts of moving images and pull together all the common elements from their work.

Most of the research and development projects conducted by engineers at PhaseSpace had achieved experimental applications in fields such as science, medical, sports, education, etc; areas in the entertainment industry such as video games, film and television and they had collaborated with universities like Stanford, Berkeley, University of Los Andes or institutions such as NASA.As an artist and researcher Alvaro proposes a project to Tracy to investigate the possibilities offered by the Mocap technology when applied within an artistic project from which to work experimentally. This is done within multi-sensory and trans-perceptual modes, with new visual modes or with changing e-images.

In cooperation with Alvaro Castro-Castilla, who is also a professor at the University of Technology and Digital Arts (U-tad) in Madrid , as well as Architect and Programmer, they are rethinking the ways in which explorations of Data Visualization could work with Performance Capture technology. The former is very common with contemporary artists in the digital age, seen in Facebook and other such platforms.

It is at this point that the motion capture possibility is suggested. Using a technological device based in extremely precise and subtle motion sensors, there is the possibility to research the way in which we can, on one hand, collect and record the smallest manifestations from a living organism that moves, beats, feels or gets excited and, on the other hand, to transform the sensible manifestation, in an electronic data that builds abstract images.

MOVED relates to an investigation in whereby it is possible to elaborate such technological procedures to a tradition where artistic practices organize and build both the traditional and the new cultural images. That, today, is the new digital citizenship.

Thus MOVED puts together a technological and artistic crew, from which to build, nurture and maintain a fragment of living reality: a greenhouse for hydroponic cultivation built as the origin of images and perception.
The design, structuring and comprehensive process of MOVED, allows us to contemplate, the now discernible connection between organism and image.